Founded in 1997, Tidewater Glazing is a leader in the Baltimore-Washington exterior wall systems market. Providing our clients with innovative design and preconstruction services, competitive costs and economies, and effective project management has resulted in the benefit of growth and a sustained level of profitability. Ultimately, this translates into a high level of resource investment and employee dedication.
Business Priciples
Tidewater Glazing was founded on a simple philosophy: Provide the best possible value for the client. To achieve this ideal, the company operates under the following set of principles: a) exercise ethical business practices; b) provide quality products at fair, market-driven prices; c) set realistic goals and attain them; d) provide a positive working environment for employees; e) engage in aggressive fiscal management; and f) maintain solid supplier relationships.
Balance & Direction
It is Tidewater Glazing’s manifest to be the best at what we do while remaining a focused company effective in servicing the client’s needs. We will always provide quality products - engineered and erected with state-of-the-art methods - and hands-on, in-house management of all facets of the construction process to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. We will endeavor to provide our products and services with a fresh and enlightening dedication and enthusiasm rarely found in today’s construction market.
Statement of Qualification
Tidewater Glazing, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured construction firm specializing in the supply and installation of exterior façade components for mid- to high-rise commercial, industrial and residential buildings. These products include metal panel and terra cotta rainscreens systems; glazed aluminum curtain wall and window systems; blast- and impact-resistant glazing systems; forced-entry-resistant glazing systems; point-supported fin and cable-stayed wall systems; and monumental swinging, sliding and revolving entrance systems. The company provides these products for both private and government projects in the District of Columbia, Central Maryland and Northern Virginia regions.
The Company
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