Protective Enclosures
Since 9/11, Tidewater Glazing has been involved in the design, implementation and construction of numerous building facades which incorporate GSA and ISC standards for blast-resistant design. To date, we have nearly $200 million in installations in place. Our staff is been trained to understand the critical nature of this work and to collaborate with designers, architects and consultants in the development of program-specific systems which perform to each level of glass mitigation while maintaining the primary component of fenestration: water resistance. Working with our industry partners in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, we are equipped to undertake the most stringent levels of resitance while accommodating traditional window wall performance and visual appeal.
Blast-Resistant Applications
Impact-Resistant Applications
With storms of ever-increasing magnitude seemingly becoming the norm, the destructive power of wind-driven force is being factored into the engineering of buildings more today than ever. The potential for damage from wind borne debris in population centers is on the rise and should be considered when designing buildings within 150 miles of the coast or tornado-prone areas . Tidewater Glazing has supplied products for both coastal and inland projects designed to lessen the potential for damage to people and property.
Fire-Resistant Applications
In the design of safe buildings, there are three primary methods for protecting against the loss of life and property due to fire: detection, suppression, and compartmentalization. Tidewater Glazing has experience in two of these areas. First, through the supply and installation of electronic door hardware, we can with a building’s life safety systems to ensure rapid and safe egress in the event of an emergency. Second, we have have extensive with compartmentalized design for both interior and exterior applications.

When design requires performance beyond resistance to water penetration, we have the resources and industry partners to develop systems to withstand whatever nature or man can create.
Building design must account for more natural and man-made catastrophes today than at any other time in history. Of paramount importance is the protection of life and property from events such as earthquakes, terrorism, hurricanes, tornados and fires. It's a full-time job, and like most things in life critical in nature, experience plays a key role. Tidewater Glazing has a lengthy resume of installations in place which protect a building’s occupants from such threats 24/7.
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Protective Enclosures
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