Since 1997, we've been transforming the Baltimore, Washington, and Virginia skyline with innovative designs for exterior walls. We combine cutting-edge construction with budget-savvy solutions and expert delivery to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Our dedication to exceeding expectations goes beyond materials and ethics – it's about building excellence into every project.

About Us


At Tidewater Glazing, our foundation lies in a simple yet powerful ethos: exceeding expectations with exceptional products, unmatched craftsmanship, unwavering integrity, and meticulous management. This is the essence of The Fundamentals that guide us.


The creative approach to success. Tidewater Glazing believes a successful project begins with innovative advancements on the challenge of meeting building performance while maintaining architectural appeal. We work closely with our industry associates to ensure the product we introduce to a project does just this.


Quality beyond expectations. Effective design includes not only superior performance but delivers a product which is manufactured and installed to the highest level of client expectation. Tidewater Glazing emphasizes their commitment to excellence by employing highly trained and safe craftsmen through our partnerships with the Glaziers District Council Local No. 51 and Ironworkers Local No. 5 unions. This ensures that we have access to skilled professionals who uphold rigorous standards or craftsmanship and safety in their work. By leveraging these partnerships, Tidewater Glazing not only maintains high-quality standards but also reinforces their dedication to delivering superior products and services to their clients. It is our obligation to ensure the product we provide maintains its beauty and dependability long after we've finished our work.


Easy word to throw around. We understand the client's need for performance and assurance. It's a big check with a lot on the line. That's why we work with the client to develop good strategies for fair and obtainable milestones. Once in place, our word is a contract of trust, a commitment we fervently honor.


Driving Success Through Leadership. Tidewater Glazing's growth stems from our mastery in applying and managing core principles, not mere market trends or luck. Our success is rooted in a robust management team dedicated to understanding and prioritizing client needs, ensuring every aspect of the process aligns seamlessly for optimal outcomes.



At the heart of every iconic structure lies exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design. Our suite of services is crafted to bring your architectural visions to life, ensuring each project is not only aesthetically striking but functionally superior. From cutting-edge exterior wall systems to custom glazing solutions, we are dedicated to elevating your project with our expertise and precision. Discover how we can transform your next project into a landmark of excellence.

Design & Preconstruction

Our Design & Preconstruction services lay the foundation for visionary projects, combining innovative design with meticulous planning to ensure flawless execution and outstanding results.

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Project Management

Our Project Management expertise ensures every project is guided from concept to completion with precision, ensuring timely delivery and unparalleled quality in every detail.

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Performance Testing

Tidewater Glazing's Performance Testing services rigorously assess the durability, efficiency, and safety of building envelopes, guaranteeing optimal performance under any condition.

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Sustainable Design

Tidewater Glazing integrates Sustainable Design practices into every project, creating environmentally responsible and resource-efficient solutions for a greener future.

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Protective Enclosures

Tidewater Glazing specializes in Protective Enclosures, offering advanced solutions that safeguard buildings against natural and man-made threats, ensuring the safety and security of all occupants.

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Occupational Safety

Tidewater Glazing prioritizes Occupational Safety, implementing stringent protocols and training to create a zero-accident workplace environment, where employee well-being is paramount.

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Explore our featured projects at Tidewater Glazing, a showcase of our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and safety in the glazing and construction industry. Delve into our portfolio to see how we transform architectural visions into reality with innovative design and cutting-edge technology, highlighting our passion for creating impactful and lasting spaces.

Design. Craftsmanship. Integrity. Management
The Cornerstones of Tidewater Glazing, Inc.