Design & Preconstruction

Tidewater Glazing is dedicated to ensuring the success of your project from its inception.

Recognizing that early planning is paramount, we offer comprehensive support through various preconstruction services, emphasizing the critical role of effective design and cost management in achieving your goals. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our meticulous approach to translating performance needs into viable solutions that respect your budget constraints.


Embarking on pre-construction is the ideal stage to avert potential issues, secure optimal value, and enhance the functionality of your building’s facade. With our extensive background spanning more than 27 years, our skilled professionals bring invaluable insight to your design phase, applying practical knowledge gained from decades in the field. Our team boasts a profound comprehension of the nuances that contribute to the durability and efficiency of your masonry structures and the building envelope at large, guaranteeing the highest value for your project.

By engaging with us early on, we can collaborate with your design team to ensure that your construction plans include proven details for exceptional performance. Since 1997, Tidewater Glazing has been amassing a wealth of expertise and insights, ready to be leveraged for your benefit. Allow us to apply our seasoned experience to your project’s success.


The significance of building envelope integrity is surging, with heightened emphasis on energy conservation, environmental quality, and overall performance. This shift has placed the building envelope in the limelight of architectural design and construction. The complexity of the building envelope has escalated with considerations for air and vapor barriers, sealing systems, weather defenses, rain screens, exterior cladding, and effective water management.

Our comprehensive background in the development, execution, and diagnostic study of various envelope systems, along with continuous innovation and system advancement (like panelization), positions us exceptionally well to aid in selecting envelope elements that cater to your specific project requirements.