Performance Testing

Tidewater Glazing understands the critical importance of maintaining a building’s integrity, emphasizing the need for comprehensive performance testing of exterior envelope components.

Water infiltration poses a significant risk, potentially damaging both the interior aesthetics and the structural foundation of a building. With the complexity of identifying infiltration sources post-construction, we strongly advocate for laboratory performance testing covering water resistance, air infiltration, and structural durability for all our projects.

Ensuring the effectiveness of these tests means including every facet of the façade in the laboratory specimen or mockup. It’s essential to evaluate not just the curtain wall but also any connecting structures like cavity walls or precast sections. By examining the entire assembly, we can confirm the reliability of design elements such as air seals and sealant joints, allowing for early detection and correction of any vulnerabilities, thus ensuring a more resilient construction.

Our testing protocols, adhering to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards, incorporate both dynamic and static methods to provide a thorough assessment of the building envelope’s performance. Additionally, we offer specialized testing for thermal and acoustic properties, catering to the specific needs of our clients and their projects.

Over the years, Tidewater Glazing’s commitment to rigorous laboratory testing has consistently proven its value, underscoring our dedication to delivering secure, durable, and high-performing building envelopes.