Protective Enclosures

In today’s world, architectural design must navigate the complexities of safeguarding life and property against an array of natural and human-induced disasters.

The significance of constructing environments resilient to earthquakes, terrorism, hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires cannot be overstated. With an extensive track record of delivering protective solutions, Tidewater Glazing stands at the forefront of ensuring round-the-clock safety for building occupants.


Following the events of 9/11, Tidewater Glazing has played a pivotal role in the design, execution, and construction of facade systems that adhere to the rigorous GSA and ISC standards for blast resistance. Our team, with a remarkable track record of $400 million in installations, excels in integrating critical blast mitigation requirements with essential fenestration features including water resistance. Through collaboration with designers, architects, and engineering partners, we craft solutions that meet the highest security demands without compromising on aesthetic or functional quality.


As climate change intensifies, the threat posed by extreme weather events has necessitated the integration of impact-resistant features into building designs, especially within 150 miles of coastlines or in tornado-vulnerable regions. Tidewater Glazing has supplied cutting-edge products aimed at minimizing the risk of wind-driven damage, thereby protecting both individuals and infrastructure in storm-prone areas.


A comprehensive approach to fire safety in building design encompasses detection, suppression, and compartmentalization. Tidewater Glazing brings valuable expertise in the latter two areas, offering solutions like electronic door hardware that synergizes with a building’s life safety systems for efficient emergency egress. Furthermore, our experience extends to compartmentalization strategies for both interior and exterior settings, providing an added layer of protection against fire spread.

Tidewater Glazing is dedicated to developing systems that stand firm against the challenges posed by both nature and human activities. With a commitment to innovation and collaboration, we ensure that our protective enclosures meet the highest standards of safety and performance, ready to face the unforeseen with confidence and resilience.